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Will Kellermann

International Artist | COLORIST

Will Kellermann


Silkcolors© are speaking my language.

Painting on silk cloth is a privilege, but also a struggle.

The advantage of silk – the flow of the paint – is also its disadvantage. If you can’t direct the paint, you’ll end up with outflows made by the silk itself, not the artist. Silkcoloring demands a steady hand and much experience.

With the technique I developed, I enter into a relationship with the intrinsic power of the natural product. I feel the mystique, see the colors bloom and the light glow in the prismatic fibers. I paint layer upon layer with liquid pigments, often in twenty layers. This layering makes my Silkcolors© so lively and flamboyant. I am a colorist and intuitively paint with colors until I reach the deepest feeling of my imagination. In my work I go on a journey of discovery into the mysticism of the human spirit.

My Silkcolors© speak of dreams, secrets and unsuspected powers in our nature. In the many layers of paint you can recognize the layers of the human soul, luminous, open and yet intimate. With my painting technique, light and dark move along with the shapes and lines that arise. The sparkling play of colors creates a depth effect. The scenes touch on Symbolism, tell a romantic  adventure that transcends our everyday life.

© Will Kellermann-International Artist-Colorist.

Gasthuisstraat 31 | 5301 CB Zaltbommel


Rua Rotery Internacional 29 | 8800-405 Tavira

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